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Able Opus Elements  v.1.0

The core of this program is a interactive periodic table of elements but also has a handful of goodies Including: A bohr model generator, a nice mix & match memory game, a nifty find dialog.

Block War 2 Silver Edition

Block War 2 Silver Edition gives users a chance to enjoy such a fascinating platform game in which you must conquer some of the hardest traps and enemies. The game supports a handful of single player levels, along with a few splitscreen multiplayer

Click4Toolbar  v.2.4

A handful resource of information that is harnessed from the Click4 website. All you do is click away. Schedule Bidpost Snipes Instantly! Get featured Shopping Sites Get World Times and Information Get Travel leads for best deals Save time and

Cryptogram Analyzer  v.1.0

Most people are familiar with cryptograms in some form or another, the daily newspaper often has a section devoted to them. However, only a handful of people are really any good at solving them. And it usually takes them some time to do so. Yet, they

DD Drop Down Panel

DD Drop Down Panel lets you tuck away ordinary HTML content on the page and slides down on demand when the user clicks on the protruding tab. The rest of the pages content is pushed down when the hidden content is exposed. It comes with a handful of

Storage Device Viewer  v.2.0.007

By This utility allows you to send a handful of Command Descriptor Blocks (CDBs) to your storage devices. The return data is graphically decoded for you. Our Storage Device Viewer applet allows you to send a few Command Descriptor Blocks (CDBs) to

Those Pesky Parachutists  v.1.1.0

HMS Big Ears is under attack! Enemy planes are dropping off paratroopers to take over the ship. All that's left is you and a handful of men. Defend the ship for as long as you can.Good luck soldier!Those Pesky Parachutists is a mini-game from the

Tpl  v.1.5

tpl is a tool that has been built to make it easy to serialize your C data using just a handful of API functions. The data is stored in its native binary form for maximum efficiency. C, Perl and XML are supported. Data is portable across different

Bare Bones PIC Programmer  v.0.11

A bare-bones PIC programmer. This low-voltage programmer runs from the serial port of a Windows PC using a handful of inexpensive

Lost Paradise  v.0.9

A 2D side scrolling game. Take our heroe through a magic, but desolated, world fighting against the hole new goverment. You can choose between a handful of weapons and try diferents combos in a wonderful

Radiance DomProfiler  v.1.0

There exist many implementations of XML parsers that create DOM. The Radiance DomProfiler parses an XML file and builds a DOM from a handful of available parsers - CRIMSON, DOM4J, JDOM, SPARTA, XOM, XERCES, XPP - to compare time taken and memory

The Graphic Framework Library  v.

The Graphics Framework Library (libGF) is a high-level API used in graphical 3D applications. It is built upon a handful of other well-developed libraries and encapsulates their functionalities. Codename P-51 is the second major version of

ZODIAC Generators  v.1.0

These are a handful of C++ executables to generate ZODIAC revised stats with monsters and characters. NOT random.

Bloboats  v.1.0

Bloboats is a boat racing game in the spirit of Elasto Mania or X-Moto, introducing a handful of elements from Super Mario Bros -like games.

Render  v.1.0

A small set of libraries that are focused to a handful of various render techniques, from traditional ray-tracing to photon mapping. Intended as a pole vault for writing higher end tools.

Online Virtual Office using FOSS  v.1.0

This project aims at designing and implementing an Online Virtual Office using Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). Tools used in achieving this feat are Drupal Web Content Management System (WCMS), several existent FOSS and a handful of freeware. ...

PHP Web IDE  v.1.0

There are a handful of new websites out there that purport to be web based IDEs. Despite the name PHP Web IDE is not one of those. It is designed for new developers to try out ideas and has some unusual features and extensions to make that easier.

Xml Manager  v.1.0

Xml Manager is a standalone java program which acts as a handful utility for posting a xml request string to a URL and seeing the response.

PHP Collections  v.1.0

PHP Collections is a handful of interfaces and reference implementation classes that provide a common API for collection objects (sets, maps, lists, etc.) in PHP.

Snoozelib  v.b.0.2.beta

Snoozelib is a small PHP MVC framework. Featuring Authentication, Authorization, E-mail, Templating, Extended DOM Features and a handful of other things. The framework aims to be easy to understand and extend.

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