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  • Radiance DomProfiler  v.1.0There exist many implementations of XML parsers that create DOM. The Radiance DomProfiler parses an XML file and builds a DOM from a handful of available parsers - CRIMSON, DOM4J, JDOM, SPARTA, XOM, XERCES, XPP - to compare time taken and memory ...
  • PHP Collections  v.1.0PHP Collections is a handful of interfaces and reference implementation classes that provide a common API for collection objects (sets, maps, lists, etc.) in PHP.
  • Snoozelib  v.b.0.2.betaSnoozelib is a small PHP MVC framework. Featuring Authentication, Authorization, E-mail, Templating, Extended DOM Features and a handful of other things. The framework aims to be easy to understand and extend.
  • Squid  v.3.1.18What is Squid? Squid is a fully-featured HTTP/1.0 proxy which is almost (but not quite - we're getting there!) HTTP/1.1 compliant. Squid offers a rich access control, authorization and logging environment to develop web proxy and content serving ...
  • JEPlus - Java shell for E+ parametrics  v.1.3.betaParametric analysis is often needed for exploring design options, especially when a global optimization method is not available, or the optimization result is in doubt. Parametric analysis can also be applied to all design variables simultaneously, ...
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